justNOISEit netlabel

One of the BEST russian experimental musicians
presented compilation of tracks from his Bandcamp
with two new exclusive harsh tracks.
Also "Break This Use" included Razxca`s poetry
from the distant past (year 2002). In this release
you will find a great deal. from crushing ambient to
tearing harsh noise.
Hope you like it.. =*

Artist: Razxca
Catalog: jni055
Format: mp3
                                                                        Bitrate: 320 kbps
                                                                        Year: 2012
                                                                        Style: Experimental
01_Break This Use  (03:22)
02_S  (05:39)
03_WyH6oHГ  (04:17)
04_7/25/2011  (05:45)
05_Vzgrope  (06:15)
06_I Listen MushroomWavved Collar, Smolensk, Russia  (14:14)
07_The Way It Is  (05:58)
08_klwetmerwlki  (11:38)
 - Exclusive Tracks:
e1_Foodcamp  (03:34)
e2_Worsol  (03:23)

                           Download (147.7 MB)

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