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Hysteraectomia is a one man gorenoise project and
it is one of the famous figures on the Russian
Gorenoise and HarshGorenoise scene..
And now/here you can see/listen new album of this 
project which has the name "Necrogore Sodomy"
33 HarshGorenoise tracks, 3 brutal coverarts and
333 tons of gore, guts and so hearty noise//

Artist: Hysteraectomia
Album: Necrogore Sodomy
Catalog: jni047
Format: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Year: 2011
Style: Harsh GoreNoise
    01_Introblastoma  (01:23)
    02_Forced To Vivisection  (01:19)
    03_Necrogastrostomy  (01:41)
    04_Ruptured Intestune Victims Of Industrial Machinery  (00:44)
    05_Apocalyptic Gore Holocaust  (00:53)
    06_Vomit Smeared Over The Genitals  (01:12)
    07_Cystoenterocele  (01:04)
    08_Multiple Uterine Myoma With Submucous And Interstital Localization Of Nodes  (01:23)
    09_Asphyxiation From Overflowing Throat Vomit  (01:59)
    10_Gonocytoma  (00:36)
    11_Endless Torture By Wire Chainsaw  (01:45)
    12_Dripping Pus Boils In The Groin  (01:25)
    13_Regurgitated Bunch Of Ascaris  (01:13)
    14_Vulva With Black Mildew  (01:53)
    15_Worms Penetrated Into The Esophagus  (01:40)
    16_Pubic Molluscs  (00:27)
    17_Malignant Scrotal Abscess  (01:25)
    18_Cod Putridity  (00:09)
    19_Sapraemia  (01:13)
    20_Hellish Coprophagous  (00:15)
    21_Sepulchral Masturbation  (01:11)
    22_Hydranencephalus  (02:05)
    23_Genetic Mutation Genitals In Infants  (00:56)
    24_Menstrual Fluids Is Full Of Maggots  (00:37)
    25_Lavage Of The Abdominal Cavity Of Sulfuric Acid  (00:55)
    26_Mycotic Vulvovaginitis  (01:10)
    27_Pyemesis  (00:26)
    28_Dead Embryos Can Be Expanded In The Womb  (01:56)
    29_Fatal Outcome Because Of Unsuccessful Vasectomy  (00:41)
    30_Captain Fecal  (00:15)
    31_Harshit  (03:42)
    32_Jejunogastric Invagination  (01:04)
    33_Outrophobia  (06:29)

    Sampler HERE
    Archive.org page HERE


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