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Some Asian Females Bodybuilders (SAFBB)
is a Crypt Vihara`s ambient\noise project
from Madrid (Spain). Also Crypt has an
abstract noise project Hinyouki
(with Cristina Bosco from Zaragoza)..
and here you have Long play album (almost 30
minutes) of perfect high-frequency noise...
Hope you like it ))

Artist: Some asian females bodybuilders
Album: Liang Yue Yun
Catalog: jni044
Format: mp3
Bitrate: 256 kbps
Year: 2011
                                                                        Style: Noise
    01_Liang Yue Yun 1  (03:49)
    02_Liang Yue Yun 2  (04:20)
    03_Liang Yue Yun 3  (05:10)
    04_Liang Yue Yun 4  (04:00)
    05_Liang Yue Yun 5  (03:49)
    06_Liang Yue Yun 6  (05:03)
    07_Liang Yue Yun 7  (03:30)

    Sampler HERE
    Archive.org page HERE


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