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WILLY STAMATI is a post-industrial/noise/
experimental one-man project from Ukraine.
It was established in 2007. The basic aim were
sound experiments.
The main topic of his music is life in its lowest
display, from worst human features to faults
of development; the gloomy atmosphere of his
music call thoughts about doom, despair and
realization of self-insignificance.
It`s original sound and serious intelligent
approach to music creation.

Artist: Willy Stamati
Album: The Consumptive Virgin
                                                                        Catalog: jni043
                                                                        Format: mp3
                                                                                          Bitrate: 320 kbps
                                                                        Year: 2011
                                                                        Style: Deep Noise
    01_Her Faraway Look, Her Heavy Breath  (10:48)
    02_Hectic Flush  (08:08)
    03_Hemoptysis  (07:44)
    04_Weakness  (06:40)
    05_She Souftly Turned the Handle of the Door  (08:43)

    Sampler HERE


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