justNOISEit netlabel

International collaborative Experimental EP
by Hlo (USA) and founder of Sirona-records -
Pollux (France).. First Track is my favourite 
Shim - alliance of Noises and Melodies.
Second track is a perfect deep noise-ambient
Third track - Damaged Synapse is veryvery nice,
veryvery dark and veryvery deep experimental
noise-ambient sound. and for this sound
hlo with pollux have a video clip (see it below)
And fourth track is a long noise-ambient which
there is a power and which gets deeply into soul,
changing mood.
It is really amazing EP. I really like it and I hope
that it will be pleasant to you too...

Artists: Hlo & Pollux
                                                                        Album: Damaged Synapse
                                                                        Catalog: jni040
                                                                        Format: mp3
                                                                        Bitrate: 128 kbps
                                                                        Year: 2011
                                                                        Style: Noise-Ambient, Shim (Noise`n`Melody)
                                                                                          Intelligent Noise, Deep Noise
    01_Sick Child  (03:39)
   02_Void Earth Angel  (04:50)
   03_Damaged Synapse  (04:57)
   04_Headless Swan  (09:56)


    Sampler HERE
    "Damaged Synapse" video clip HERE


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