justNOISEit netlabel

This Album is ten tracks of
Experimental Noise and Avant-garde
by Thomas Baragona//
produced by Consistency Nature

Artist: Thomas Baragona
Album: Blue from The Window
Catalog: jni038
Format: mp3
Bitrate:  64 kbps (1), 128 kbps
Year: 2011
                                                                        Style: Noise, Avant-garde, Experimental
    01_Butterfly Streamers  (04:12)
    02_Without Hairspray  (01:17)
    03_Planes About To Land  (05:25)
    04_Lick From A Mother's Tongue  (06:44)
    05_Shrouded Boredom  (05:21)
    06_Bow Wave  (04:11)
    07_Visitation Rights  (03:12)
    08_Pain Doesn't Account For Selfishn  (04:28)
    09_Elephant Days  (04:47)
    10_Never  (02:46)

    Sampler HERE


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