justNOISEit netlabel

Non-stop earfuck for 4 minutes and 40 seconds
from founder of Harshell Netlabel//
This recording contains fast drum machine, harsh
noise/power electronics, with black metalish vocals

Artist: Halalnihil
Album: Exiguous Reality Dosage
Catalog: jni036
Format: flac
Year: 2011
Style: Harsh Noise

    01_Karbonsav Bukkake  (00:45)
    02_Extreme Aimlessness  (00:16)
    03_Trample This Disgusting World  (01:04)
    04_Grave Evaporation  (00:48)
    05_Familyhunter Self-Destruction  (00:40)
    06_Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles and Hot Mother's Milk  (01:08)

    Sampler HERE


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