justNOISEit netlabel

Ten Very shorts themes by
VOMIT VOLT BAND - Shitcore/Gorenoise project
from Moscow ...

Artist: Vomit Volt Band
Album: cyber vomit
Catalog: jni022
Format: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Year: 2011
Style: Shitcore, Gorenoise

    01_Eat Shitcore  (00:02)
    02_All Sheep Fuck  (00:29)
    03_Shit Pouring Out of Pussy  (00:43)
    04_Your Monher Fuck Sheep  (00:02)
    05_Depression Whores  (01:07)
    06_Anal Outside  (00:11)
    07_Pig Ultra Scum  (00:40)
    08_Kill,Kill  (00:06)
    09_Radioactive Bastard  (00:40)
    10_Cyber Vomit  (00:14)

    Sampler HERE


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